About Us

Welcome to Chotu Chai Wala, Mumbai's best online tea store! Order tea from different tea stalls across Mumbai and get it delivered at your doorstep. Choose the duration of the subscription you want and get tea delivered for one week, two weeks or one month. Believe us, enjoying your tea was never this easy!

ChotuChaiWala is an initiative by Zepo.in, an eCommerce website development platform. After being intrigued by the chaiwalas of Mumbai for so long, Zepo decided to empower them by getting them to sell online so they could reach a much wider audience.

Zepo tied up with 5 different chaiwalas in Bandra to start off and started operations in May. We set up their online store within one day and added all the 'products' and features to make the eCommerce website fully functional.

The number of orders on the website is growing by the day and ChotuChaiWala plans to expand to South Mumbai pretty soon! If all goes well, we might just have other cities in our radar!

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